Swing bin (dustbin)

We have multiple ranges of plastic Swing bins and we can provide you best plastic swing bin at wholesale price. SWING BIN WHOLESALE PRICES AND VARIANTS:- no. of variants:- 20ltr = $2.9/pc 30ltr = $3.8/pc 40ltr = $4.5/pc ************ALL ARE FOB PRICES************* specification Brand = Unbranded Quality = Plastic Milky No. of variant = 3 (20/30/40 ltr) Product name: Swing-bin […]

brush stand 3*1

Our company is Plastic brush stand manufacturer and suppliers of brush stand 3*1 which is easy to mount on the wall. It is made using quality plastic material which ensures its high strength as well as long lasting nature. This is ideal for keeping toothbrushes, toothpaste as well as soap in an organized manner. It is designed to coordinate with […]

Foam Scrubber

We are a wholesaler and manufacturer of foam scrubber and utensil pads. Price $:0.12/pc  ****ALL ARE FOB PRICES***** General:- Multicolor Kitchen Cleaning Non-scratch Scrub Sponges for Multi-Surface and Multi-Purpose. Reasonable For Cleaning Non-stick Cookware, Pans, Bowls, Dishes, Stainless Steel, Plastic Ware, Teflon, Windows, Microwaves, Pet Dishes, Car White Walls, Car Windows, Bird Baths/Fountains, Wood Molding, China Dishes, Copper Cookware, Showers, […]

3 in 1 Soap case

We are a 3-in-1 Plastic Soap case manufacturer and wholesaler in Delhi. It is made of High quality (finish) and Heavy Duty material. It has high toughness and durability. Price $24/pc ****ALL ARE FOB PRICES***** Features: 1.Non-Toxic – To You And Your Soap 2.Modern, Contemporary Design Makes A Perfect Gift. 3.This case will fit in with any decor in any room […]

Tile Brush

This tile brush have comfortable handle to clean our tile essay. $:0.36/pc ****ALL ARE FOB PRICES****** About Tile Brush is an ideal mechanical assembly for bathrooms and floors .It has Nylon fiber material with plastic handle. This Scrubber makes cleaning irksome corners. they cleans in a manner that is superior to ordinary scours and continues to go any more. this […]

Stylo plastic basket

we are a plastic basket manufacturer and wholesalers in delhi. Stylo plastic basket is produced using top notch plastic. we offering our customers quality tried and sturdy scopes of Plastic Products and they are acclaimed for high strength. This item in the showcase is a solid plastic multipurpose crate or it very well may be utilized to store vessels after […]

Mug (1ltr)

We are a Plastic mug wholesaler. this mug is strong, stylish, beautiful, sturdy, and made from 100 percent virgin material. This product is perfect for household needs. $0.21/pc ****ALL ARE FOB PRICES****** CAPACITY : 1 LITER ORIGN : MADE IN INDIA for 3 in 1 soap case SELLLERS PROVIDER GET IN TOUCH

Mate soap case

Plastic soap case with mate style design and they have 6 colors. $:0.16/pc ****ALL ARE FOB PRICE****** Cleanser dish for keeping an elusive bar of cleanser helpfully set up and effectively open. Made of exceptionally sturdy plastic, these cleanser dishes come in wonderful treats tones. Punctured, to keep water from pooling and to permit simple cleaning. Bundle contains : 12 […]

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