Foam Scrubber

We are a wholesaler and manufacturer of foam scrubber and utensil pads. Price $:0.12/pc  ****ALL ARE FOB PRICES***** General:- Multicolor Kitchen Cleaning Non-scratch Scrub Sponges for Multi-Surface and Multi-Purpose. Reasonable For Cleaning Non-stick Cookware, Pans, Bowls, Dishes, Stainless Steel, Plastic Ware, Teflon, Windows, Microwaves, Pet Dishes, Car White Walls, Car Windows, Bird Baths/Fountains, Wood Molding, China Dishes, Copper Cookware, Showers, […]

Tile Brush

This tile brush have comfortable handle to clean our tile essay. $:0.36/pc ****ALL ARE FOB PRICES****** About Tile Brush is an ideal mechanical assembly for bathrooms and floors .It has Nylon fiber material with plastic handle. This Scrubber makes cleaning irksome corners. they cleans in a manner that is superior to ordinary scours and continues to go any more. this […]

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