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Stylo plastic basket

we are a plastic basket manufacturer and wholesalers in delhi. Stylo plastic basket is produced using top notch plastic. we offering our customers quality tried and sturdy scopes of Plastic Products and they are acclaimed for high strength. This item in the showcase is a solid plastic multipurpose crate or it very well may be utilized to store vessels after wash to dry them.



  • product – Stylo plastic basket
  • Shaping -Round
  • Color-Yellow, blue and etc.
  • Type – Plastic Basket
  • Size – Standard
  • Material – Plastic
  • Offered By Anjali plastics
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Some Info

The multi-reason plastic storage basket is exactly what you need to put together your life! You can figure out a wide range of home and Kitchen supplies, flatware, writing material, beautifying agents and other little things. this can be utilized for putting away, for example, pen, pencil, scale, eraser, marker, sharpener, stapler, beauty care products, writing material, and forks or other silverware.

additionally it is helpful for putting away expressions and craftwork fits incredible in your kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, in your wash room and cupboards. It’s truly adaptable, which forestalls a break. they are Versatile/multi-reason to keep toys, the game in child’s den room entirely these containers can be utilized at home as your in-box, pencils, pastels, scissors, pens, cards and significantly more. utilized in the homeroom to hold a book, schoolwork, and so forth Various sizes for each subject to Keep workmanship/create supplies and other housewares embellishments stowed away and coordinated in the craftsmanship room on the tables. Item Features : MATERIAL : Durable plastic dividers With Crafted Design permit you to effectively see box substance.

We are plastic basket manufacturer and wholesalers.


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